"An unconventional art school that brings life in the studios of two emerging artists, inside a flat in the heart of Viareggio."

We are Alessandra and Elisa, two very different artists but with a feeling born from the first moment.

We met at a bi-personal exhibition of Elisa at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni of the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation, by chance, and we immediately started to collaborate and discuss our work.

Two artists, two studies, two visions of reality, the same energy. Hence the desire to create a magical place where we can work and share our experiences and grow, grow together. A CENTER FOR ARTS, in short.

The fusion between the energies of Elisa and Alessandra, and between our surnames, TAMBurrini and PagliUCA.

The mission of TAMBÚCA is first of all the choice to value art as creative communication. The art seen and experienced by artists, the artistic experience through a technical and practical value. Create a center of artistic aggregation, a real school in the manner of old shops, where you can acquire technical skills through academic courses and discover your own soul movements through unconventional and atypical courses, thanks to the exchange, communication and sharing of projects and revolutions.

A place where art can be breathed in the air and where it is possible to bring your dreams with the certainty of finding fertile ground to be realized. A place where an idea can become a common movement and an ideal.

A place open to the city and to the global tourist flows that reach Versilia. The association presents itself as an interesting experience in promoting historical and artistic heritage starting from the conception and realization of educational and tourist itineraries, also thanks to the integration of an editorial to promote the memory of the territory through its monuments, the his past and contemporary artists and his historical places. A complete proposal, which includes cultural events and gathering opportunities, exhibitions, workshops and artist residencies.

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"We create dreams together."

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20/21/22 March



with the artist Luca Tedde

Although it has existed since the fifteenth century, only from the eighteenth century did soft pastel begin to spread as a painting technique thanks to the speed of application, the absence of drying times and the softness of the effects. One of the techniques preferred also by the Impressionists, suitable for capturing the bright colors of landscapes and country parties, was also widely used in figure and portrait.


In the pastel portrait workshop with Luca Tedde, each participant will be followed in learning the technique and guided in the creation of a portrait through theoretical displays and practical demonstrations, paying particular attention to the methods of color management and the realistic rendering of the different elements of the face.
Participants will measure themselves against the artistic potential of soft pastel over 3 intensive days. The course will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, including the lunch break, for a total of 24 hours of intensive course.
The limited places will allow you to follow each according to your level of preparation.

Target adults / beginners and experts

Duration 3 days - 24 hours

Time 09:30 / 18:30 with lunch break

Price € 300 materials excluded

LIMITED SEATS! Registration deadline: February 29th

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