Tourist workshop

The proposal of courses and workshops is not dedicated only to "residents", but is extended to tourists and visitors of all kinds and nationalities. During the year, in fact, daily and weekly sessions will be organized to combine the holiday with a unique artistic experience. It is possible to book individual or group lessons based on the calendar of activities.


The headquarters of Tambúca is a place full of light, colors and the smell of pigments.
It is located in a residence in the heart of Viareggio, overlooking the pedestrian Via Battisti.
The courses that are conducted within the school are many and different. This is because the styles and artistic paths of the founders are very different. Alessandra is a hyper-realistic artist, very technical and in possession of academic studies, while Elisa has a more emotional and analytical approach to painting and art.
The structure houses the studios of both artists and equipped rooms in which to carry out the lessons, studied according to personal style. The venue is also open to host external teachers who want to offer their courses and to create a rich calendar of workshops and workshops with internationally renowned artists.
The fixed courses foreseen are the following: drawing from life, hyper-realistic drawing from photography, oil painting, illustration, design and creation of the jewel, engraving and visual education.

Visit the complete calendar to discover all the planned activities!



Large lounges with natural light and sea-colored ceilings. Tambúca wants to be in effect a House of Art where to observe, admire and learn. This is why in our space we have used several rooms for collective, personal and bi-personal exhibitions of emerging and established artists from the national and international territory. The exhibitions last about twenty days, and are organized about once a month.

We encourage artists to send us their application and portfolio to exhibit at Casa Tambúca, and fans to keep up to date on future initiatives by visiting the dedicated page.


The Tambúca Cultural Association provides the use of tools and equipment, such as the engraving press for the engraving technique.
It is also possible to rent classrooms and halls for meetings, events and conferences, and even request a stand with stands and materials for those who want to cultivate their passion while not having their own spaces and suitable means.

In short, we can offer:

  • Rent of the press for half or full day

  • Rent classrooms and lounges

  • Single workstation for painting

  • Single workstation per design



The Tambúca Cultural Association is very active in the territory of Viareggio, Versilia and Lucca with social events and urban regeneration.
The first two projects have already started in Viareggio:
Pescatori di Porte, in collaboration with the Banca Del Monte Foundation in Lucca and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Lucca, and Urban Renewal by Tambúca, funded by the Tuscany Region.
The aim is to create a movement within which young artists can be free to propose projects aimed at revaluing the territory and the city in which they live, so as to feel an integral part of the community and have a new civic respect for the environment around them.